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    Set of 3 anti-fog clips for masks - Vapora

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    Are you tired of the fogging caused by hot air being blown back into your goggles?

    Our set of 3 anti-fog clips is the most economical and ecological on the market, it forms a barrier that fills the distance between the nose and the mask in order to redirect the air towards the bottom of the mask. Thanks to this device you will be able to breathe without covering your glasses with fog while remaining safe.

    La particularité de ce produit est sa capacité de s’adapter à la forme du nez sous l’effet de la chaleur, il s’adapte à tous les masques. Il est Thermo-formable.

    • DETAILS :

      Easy Installation : The installation of this device is very easy, it also fits any type of mask.
      Washable : You can wash your anti-fog clip at 60° for 10-15 minutes. In order to preserve the quality of the anti-fog, you should not use detergent.
      Discreet: Thanks to its compact design, our anti-fog clip is almost invisible.
      Weight: 1.5 grams

    Our anti-fog clip is made in France and its main objective is to offer you maximum comfort. It is designed with biodegradable materials.

    Its composition: PLA (Plastic of vegetable origin based on corn starch)

    Colors: White, Blue and Black


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